12V 4400mAH 18650 Battery Pack + Lithum Battery Protection

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  • Rated Voltage: 11.1V – 12.6V
  • Rated capacity: 4400 mAh
  • Standard discharge current: 0.2C
  • Weight: 300g
  • Maximum discharge current: 1C
  • Product: ≤250 m ohm resistance
  • Battery built-in battery PCB protection and management

Scope: a variety of power models, power tools, electric toys.

The advantages of using lithium batteries are:

1 small size, light weight, large capacity, environmental protection, no memory effect.

Choose the two power supply of portable electronic devices, but more subtle use of lithium batteries, please note the following points.


1 must be used Charger Standard Lithium Battery 4.2 V. Charged

2 prohibits large discharge current.

3 Disables a battery voltage discharge should not be less than 2.5V.

4 disassembly, short circuit of the battery, most likely due to short circuit.

Battery Size: 70 * 56 * 37mm

Total weight: 300 grams

Packing: Blue

With short circuit protection: overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit protection

Battery requirements

1: You have a lithium-ion battery charger; a constant current constant voltage;

2: Charging voltage: 12.6

3: Charging current: 1A

4: Charger charge when the red light, the green light full light

The required battery discharge

1: Active 5.5 * 2.1 plug line

2: yield: it is 150 m · Long 22 # flow

3: Maximum instantaneous current: 5A

4: Maximum operating current: 3A

5: Output input, if there are any other requirements, can contact the owner of the above options for the default delivery

The following are the same as the ”

There is a send list

1:12 V-4.4Ah lithium ion battery 1 piece ..

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Applicable scope

All 12 V electrical equipment, water washing equipment, coal, hernia lamp, instead of 12 batteries, tools and measuring instruments, amplifiers, monitors, electrical, all kinds of lights Article 12.

Lithium battery advantages

1. Small size, light weight, large capacity, environmental protection, no memory effect.

2. For portable electronic equipment, but the thinner, in the use of lithium-ion battery, please note the following points.

Lithium battery common sense

1. You must use the 12.6 lithium-ion battery charger to charge the standard.

2. Disables discharge current.

3. Discharge the battery voltage should be less than 2.5V.

4. Do not disassemble, short-circuit the battery, most likely due to a short circuit in the fire.

5. Operating temperature is 0 ~ 60



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