Steinacoz (registered as Steinacoz Ventures) is an online store/ Platform for Electronic, robotics and internet of things components. Steinacoz also offers tutorials and learning platform for individuals as well as corporate clients.

Steinacoz as a platform is very passionate and poised to move technology to the apex not only in Nigeria but to Africa as a whole. Our online store is making it easy for individuals as well as corporate clients to source for components easily and without hassle.

One of the goals of every country whether developed or developing is to get to the apex of the technology pyramid while many countries have already bought into this idea and are already getting closer to that apex, some countries are just or still waking up to this call.

The older generations may not have been duly informed about the importance of technology in the development of a country but the younger generation with growing and young minds have to be purely brought into this cause. Steinacoz store/platform is not only championing this cause but also very serious and passionate about it.