Control Devices with Arduino and Radio Frequency (RF) communication

transmitter and reciever - steinacoz

I had this 434mhz transmitter and receiver modules lying around idle so I decided to put them to good use. For learning sake, RF (Radio frequency) suppose to be referred to as radio frequency waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

They have been employed in many fields of life but here, we are just going to employ it for communication between two arduino boards. One Adruino will be in the transmitting section and the Arduino in the receiving section.

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To complete this tutorial, lets first gather our materials:



For the transmitter section:

  • XD-FST Transmitter DATA pin –> Arduino D8 pin
  • XD-FST VCC pin –> Arduino 5volts pin
  • XD-FST GND pin –> Arduino GND
  • Notification LED –> Arduino D4 pin
  • First push button (led load button):  first leg is connected to Arduino GND via 10k resistor, the same leg goes to Arduino D2 pin. The second leg goes to Arduino 5volts pin.
  • Second push button (relay button): first leg is connected to Arduino GND via 10k resistor , the same leg  goes to Arduino D3 pin. The second leg goes to Arduino 5volts pin.

NOTE: both buttons are meant to control the LED and relay on the receiver side.



For the Receiver section:

  • XD-RST-5V DATA pin –> Arduino D11 pin
  • XD-RST-5V VCC pin –> Arduino 5volts pin
  • XD-RST-5V GND pin –> Arduino GND pin
  • First LED (error led) –> Arduino D13 pin
  • Second LED (Load) –> Arduino D5 pin
  • Relay module In pin –> Arduino D4 pin

If you are sure you got this right then open your Arduino IDE, create two sketches: one for the transmitter and the other for the receiver.

reciever - steinacoz
reciever – steinacoz


Download Code for Transmitter and Reciever (ino file)


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